Some of what I saw during my Fall 2015 Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

IMG_6460           IMG_6681           IMG_6690           IMG_6754           IMG_6800           IMG_6808           IMG_6794           IMG_6952        IMG_7016      IMG_7006      IMG_7157      IMG_7144      IMG_7184      IMG_7188      IMG_7206      IMG_7239      On Route 66               IMG_7276            IMG_7281            IMG_7305            Long Road Ahead               IMG_7409            IMG_7360            IMG_7407            IMG_7450         IMG_7632               IMG_7658             IMG_7545         IMG_7583         IMG_7530         IMG_7501         IMG_7901            IMG_7430         IMG_7716             IMG_7906            At the end of a long day              IMG_7849             IMG_7748             IMG_7759             IMG_7843             IMG_7878             IMG_7877             IMG_7890            IMG_7924            IMG_7939            IMG_7960               IMG_7943               River Walk, San Atonio
Getting my bike "Fiona" tuned up for our long adventure. A year ago I didn't even know how to start a motorcycle. It's cool what you can do when you set your mind to it.