Danilo_VargasHi, my name is Danilo Vargas. I’ve created this site for people who have chosen to live their life and conduct business in accordance to their values. I call that achieving success. It doesn’t matter so much what your values are, but that you are living by them at all times, at work and in life.

Yes, I’m passionate about living life on purpose, using business to enrich people’s lives and striving to become a better person and professional, each and every day.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, a manager or just a person committed to excellence and personal development, I think you’ll find the ideas in this site useful in helping you achieve your life and business goals.

Some of the topics I’ll be tackling in this blog include:

  •  Leadership
  • Business development
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Self-Development
  • Productivity
  • Management
  • Learning, and more

I know about these things because in my 25 year career I have been an employee, manager, entrepreneur, freelancer, business consultant, and trainer. I’ve had the privilege of working with leaders and companies in the U.S. and throughout Latin America.

I speak English and Spanish fluently and have an international perspective. I’m a voracious reader and pursuer of ideas, knowledge and know-how.

Apropos to all of the above, the great Peter Drucker counseled professionals to share their strengths, work style, values and work goals with their colleagues, so as to increase understanding and effective collaboration. “The first secret of effectiveness” he wrote, “is to understand the people you work with so that you can make use of their strengths.”

The same principle applies to you and me, through this budding medium, doesn’t it?

I hope that you and I can work together and that I can learn more about you and your unique strengths and values and about the contributions you want to make. In the meantime, I’ll start by sharing my strengths as shown on my Gallup StrenghtsFinder report. My intention is to give you a glimpse into who I am and how I may be able to help you.

Here’s what the report says about me:


By nature, thoroughly examines the idiosyncrasies, interests, talents, successes, fears, or dreams of each person encountered. Contends that no two people are the same. Argues that the same individual reacts quite differently depending on the circumstances and the human beings present. Simply fascinated by people. Because of strengths, is an original and innovative thinker. Frequently relied upon by others to generate novel concepts, theories, plans, or solutions. Refuses to be stifled by traditions or trapped by routines. Bristles when someone says, “We can’t change that. We’ve always done it this way.”


Instinctively, Enjoys pondering what can be revised, corrected, renovated, upgraded, or relocated. When curious about a person, event, topic, project, activity, or idea, devotes much energy and time to studying it. By nature, occasionally dedicated to acquiring certain kinds of knowledge or skills. Might devote many hours to mental labor. Very likely that yearns to know a lot. Delves more deeply into intriguing subjects than most people. Loves to gather all kinds of information. Takes time to grasp ideas that appear in print. Attracted to difficult and challenging endeavors. Not inclined to look for the easy way out. Is bold. Takes risks. Dares to stretch mind. Tests the limits of own abilities in ways that timid individuals would not attempt.


Reads to stimulate own mind, to broaden perspectives, and to explore familiar as well as unfamiliar subjects. Tends to ask self lots of questions about the numbers and/or the facts. Delighted whenever answers others typically overlook are discovered. Wants to gather new ideas, discover new approaches, hear about new theories, consider new concepts, or apply new technologies. Often is among the early discoverers of innovations. Consistently acquires knowledge. Exhibits little need to know precisely where all this information ultimately will lead. Instinctively, frequently challenges own thinking. Enjoys having time to own self to process ideas and identify areas where things can be made better.


Driven by own talents, longs to know more so as to remain on the cutting edge of own field or areas of interest. Offers unique perspectives on events, people, and proposals. Probably inspires people to start projects and launch initiatives. Tends to identify a goal, devise numerous ways of reaching it, then choose the best alternative. This explains why opportunities, trends, and solutions are seen before teammates, classmates, or peers see them. By nature, has no difficulty finding the right words to express ideas. Is quite comfortable talking about ways to make people or things more complete, perfect, or excellent.


Because of strengths, may add theoretical, intricate, technical, or difficult-to-understand words to own vocabulary. Chances are good of possessing an insatiable appetite for information. Armed with newly acquired facts and skills, routinely pinpoint areas where upgrades are needed for the sake of efficiency. Because the printed word feeds his mind, he frequently generates original plans, programs, designs, or activities. Very likely that he usually gives good advice. Often people’s questions dictate choice of reading materials. Whether studying something for the first time or revisiting a topic to refresh memory, enjoys reading. Making discoveries that can help others brings him much joy.


I think that’s a thoroughly good description of what I’m about and what makes me unique.

I think the essence of what I bring to the table revolves around the realm of ideas and how to turn them into reality.

If you need help in this area, I am here at your service.

I hope you’ll work with me.