What politicians fail to share about the frightening danger ahead

The one thing you need to know about work in the 21st century

Walls or Webs

Thomas L Friedman, the New York Times columnist and famed author of The World is Flat, just wrote an insightful and thought-provoking piece that I think everyone needs to read. It elegantly explains the challenge faced by the middle-class in our country, describes how both political parties are shielding you from the harsh reality of our times, and underscores many of the ideas we’ve been exploring in this blog for the last year.

In his column titled,”Web People vs. Wall People” Friedman argues that, as the winds of technological change blow increasingly harder, candidates from both political parties are advocating the building of walls to protect us from the punishing gale.

He writes:

5 Things You Need to Understand About Grit

How To Become a More Productive and Fulfilled Person by Cultivating Passion and Perseverance


Since the 2016 Summer Olympics are just a few weeks away, let me ask you: Do you think those supremely talented athletes, especially the ones who will bring home a medal, are there because of their talent, or their incredible passion and perseverance?

The conventional wisdom says that talent is supreme. And for a long time, that sort of made sense—that genetics matter. How could they not?

Just take a look at Michael Phelps’ physique, for example.

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Why Everyone Committed to Success Should Read Angela Duckworth's New Book: Grit—The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Best Business Book Angela Duckworth Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance

In Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, researcher Angela Duckworth makes a thoroughly persuasive argument that the difference between average folks and elite performers—people who succeed at the highest level of their chosen field—is not what we think it is.

Reading Business Books for Fun and Profit?

7 Reasons Why You Should Make Room for Business Books on Your Nightstand Today!

A Game of Thrones 2

I know.

They’re not as much fun as the likes of Harry Potter, or even Fifty Shades of Grey but business and self-development books can help you get in ways A Game of Thrones never could.

Yes—being swept away into a fantasy world makes for a frolicking good time, but gaining access to the latest thinking about the challenges we face in our own realm can be just as rewarding, IF you give it a chance.