Give yourself permission to live your best life

Read Procrastinate On Purpose by Rory Vaden

Procrastinate on Purpose Cover

Though I’m not madly in love with the title (though it does catch the eye) boy am I ever glad I picked up and started studying this brilliant little tome from Rory Vaden.

What I love most about it is Rory’s youthful idealism, passion, energy, empathy and open-mindedness, not to mention his relentless and singular commitment to winning.

This book is very inspiring.

It lit a massive fire under my back side and it may do the same for you.

That’s because the message is delivered with passion and also happens to be urgent and timely. As our world continues to be revolutionized by technology and as the noise level in our world becomes ever more deafening, we’ll have to make a choice: (1) to continue doing what we’ve always done and risk having our voices drowned out and our efforts sadly diluted or (2) find smarter ways to marshall all the modern tools and resources at our disposal to multiply our impact and effectiveness.

I believe those are the choices before us, but Rory defines them as permissions:

  • The Permission to Ignore.
  • The Permission to Invest.
  • The Permission of Imperfect.
  • The Permission of Incomplete.
  • The Permission to Protect.

He begins his book with a bold statement aimed at rocking the status quo:

“Everything you know about time management is wrong.” And then adds “There is no such thing as time management; there is only self-management”.

A lot of the ideas in this book are not new but what Rory has done is create a brilliant re-mix of the best thinking and re-assembled it into a neat, elegant and actionable method that you and I can use to become “multipliers.”

The method revolves around a Focus Funnel which includes 5 choices:

  1. Eliminate
  2. Automate
  3. Delegate
  4. Procrastinate
  5. Concentrate.

It’s a brilliant method that is at once simple and profound. The author delves into the fine details of each step in separate chapters but the coolest thing is that applying even one idea from the Focus Funnel can deliver massive value and multiply your results…if only you give your self the permission!

This is not a business or self help as it says in the back cover.

This is a book about living your best life and loving the work you do because, “Work is integral. Work is freedom. When done the right way, work is joy.”

Yes, indeed.

That’s a Happy Monday idea if I ever heard one.

And that’s why I dare you to read this book.

Actually, I double dare you.