How to put together a team of genius

Managers, ignore these insights at your own peril

Here’s a question for you: What are the ingredients necessary to create a winning team?

Team Genius cover

Think about it for a moment…really.

We all have notions about what’s needed to create a winning team, or what a winning team looks like, but a lot of those notions are being dispelled by a deluge of scientific evidence that is giving us a new understanding about how to get it right.

In their new book, Team Genius: The New Science of High-Performing Organizations, Rich Karlgaard and Michael S. Malone, delve into the science of teams and what they report back is provocative and a potential game-changer for you and your organization.

Make space for your dream

Stop postponing action and start pivoting in the direction you want to go

You can accomplish remarkable things, if you’ll only dare.

Long Road Ahead2

This past September and October, I accomplished something that I think is remarkable. I ventured way (way) out of my comfort zone and headed out on a solo motorcycle trip across America—from Miami to Los Angeles and back, in 19 days!

It was quite a feat, especially for a guy who just a year prior had no clue about the basic operation of a motorcycle, and even less of a clue about how to take it 7,000 miles, across 12 state lines, and the continental divide!

Yet there I was, doing just that, grinning from ear to ear.

On many morning rides, I experienced a deep sense of joy and wellbeing. It all felt so right. All the previous months of work and preparation had paid off and led to something that I would remember for the rest of my life.

Have you had a similar experience in your life?

The experience of meaning and satisfaction that comes with acting in accordance with deeply-held values or a deep sense of purpose? This is perhaps what Maslow called self-actualization—a sense that you’re doing what you should be doing and that you’re engaged with an activity that resonates deeply with you.

In other words, if your soul had a GPS unit it would be blurting, “Yay! You are approaching your destination. It will be on the left.”

Give yourself permission to dream bigger

Sadly though, we don’t often give ourselves the permission or space to imagine the wonderful things we can accomplish or experience, though they may seem far off and beyond our grasp at the present moment. Or sadder still, even if we dare to dream, fear keeps us from  leaping to explore possibilities, draft plans and draw the maps necessary to reach our dream.